Four Ways to Know Your Provider is a Good Fit

Pregnancy and birth are full of choices to make from what color to paint the baby’s room, to baby names, to where give birth, to what kind of car seat to buy. Here are a few simple tips to help demystify the process of choosing a care provider for your birth. 1) They deliver in…

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Older Siblings at the Birth – Seven Tips for Parents

sibling birth brother sister

For older siblings the birth of a new sibling can be a very exciting time! As your belly swells and the due month draws near, you may start to wonder how you can include your older child(ren) in the birth without overwhelming them. Below are a few tips to prepare the whole family for the…

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Why Birthing from Within is Important for a VBAC


How to Find Healing and Move Forward As a VBAC mom and a doula who has attended many VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean) and CBACs (cesarean births after cesarean), I have a unique perspective about what parents needs when they are seeking a vaginal birth after giving birth by cesarean. For many parents seeking a…

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Losing It in Labor – Five Tips for Partners

How to Help a Laboring Person Who is Feeling DONE As parents prepare their minds and bodies for the upcoming birth of their child, many partners have the same thought cross their mind: What if my partner loses it and I can’t help them get through labor? While pregnant parents may create plans for their birth…

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20 Reasons to Sign Up for a Childbirth Class at 20 Weeks

As your belly grows and your sweet baby puts on the ounces, there are many exciting milestones! The first time you feel those tiny feet kicking, making it to the second trimester, wearing maternity clothes, and making a visit to your doctor or midwife, to name a few.   There’s another important milestone when you…

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How to Mine an Uninvited Birth Story for Gold

From the moment a parent (or their midsection) announces their pregnancy, they are inundated with a barrage of birth stories from friends, family members, and even strangers.  These stories tend to center around themes of pride, shame, or blame.  Most parents-to-be listen politely while looking for the nearest exit, and a few bold ones will…

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