"Despite the massive amount of knowledge, training, and learning materials available to pregnant people, parents often emerge from the birth experience feeling lost – like they were lacking a map to navigate the transformation, uncertainty, and soul opening that would accompany their journey into parenthood."

This book is a field guide to access your intuition, wisdom, and self-compassion for birth.

Long before you ever considered taking a childbirth class or even became pregnant, you began passively learning about birth. Since the time you could string words together, you began weaving together what it means to give birth, deal with pain, ask for help, and be vulnerable from the messages your family, community, and culture passed on to you.

Turning the Soil

Much like planting a garden, turning the soil over to discover what resources you have already, and what roots need to be pulled up will help expand your options for navigating birth and postpartum.

As you learn about the mechanics of birth and familiarize yourself with the medical system, it will be important to identify the internal barriers that keep you from using your voice, trusting your gut, or giving yourself permission to try something new.

With new awareness comes new possibilities, more personal freedom, and more self-compassion to weather the challenges of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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