How to Interact with Fears in a Productive and Caring Way

fear and birth

In a birth culture filled with messages that plant seeds of doubt about birth in expecting parents’ minds, it’s easy to understand how fear has come to have an unfavorable reputation. As pregnant parents navigate a medical system with soaring usage of medical intervention, and sift through a barrage of horrific birth stories from friends,…

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How to Listen to a Birth Story with Compassion

birth story

Parents often share birth stories with one another in parenting groups, on playgrounds, or on coffee dates. Without guidance or modeling on how to deeply listen to another person’s story of transformation, many people will fall back on ingrained patterns of attempting to placate the parent, telling them to “let it go,” sharing their own…

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Fostering Connection and Resilience in a Cesarean Birth

cesarean birth

While most people refer to this type of birth as a c-section, in Birthing from Within we prefer the term Cesarean Birth. By shifting our language, we acknowledge that no matter how a baby is born, that moment is still a profound rite of passage for the birthing parent that deserves to be honored as…

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Creating a Village – The Challenge for Modern Parents

In the colonial United States, women in a community would attend to a mother during birth, and take turns caring for and feeding her family during the first 40 days postpartum. At the end of the initial postpartum period, a “groaning party” would be held to celebrate and thank those who came together on behalf…

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Things Nobody Told Me About Postpartum

Bringing a new baby into your family brings many big adjustments – your body, your finances, and your sleep schedule all have to bend and flex to make space for an additional family member. While friends and family tend to share about adjustments that come with parenthood, there are some pieces of the postpartum puzzle…

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