If you are struggling with feelings of regret, frustration, shame, or blame after an emotionally challenging birth experience, I can help you find new perspective and healing.

Why Birth Story Healing?

Rather than offering platitudes, rushing you to “let it go,” or suggesting a do-over birth for the future, I will deeply listen to the details of your story, and the meaning that your experiences carry for you, whether they involved unexpected medical technology, a disappointment in the support your received, or an unwished-for event.

In your birth healing session I will help you see your story in a new way that honors you as a parent and a person. This compassionate and guided process will help you discover greater perspective, inspire self-reflection, and support you in changing your relationship with your birth story.

Each session is unique, offering hand-tailored "medicine" that fits with your birth, your life, and your needs.

birth story support

If you are motivated to change the impact your story has on your life, but don’t know how to do it on your own, this process is for you.

All the details:

Birth Healing sessions last for 60-90 minutes. It is important that you leave your child(ren) with another parent or caregiver so that you can take this time to fully focus on your healing. Sessions will take place on Zoom during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Birth Story Healing sessions cost $125. Visit this link to see available times and book your appointment.