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Parenting: Harder Than Bagging Groceries

parentingThis week a group of San Antonio Doulas met with parenting coach Laine Lipsky to learn about her in-person and online classes for parents. She told us a story about talking to a grocery bagger at HEB, asking how much training they received to bag groceries. The answer? 2 hours of training dedicated to that specific task.

Parenting is so much more complex than bagging groceries! It is a huge mental, physical, and emotional undertaking that touches every part of our lives. So why do we attach so much stigma to taking classes or receiving coaching for this incredibly important job? Much like birth or breastfeeding there is an assumption that parenting should come naturally, but in those tough moments, those transitions, those new hurdles, these tasks seem anything but natural. Enter Laine Lipsky.

Laine shared some great tips with the doulas who met with her, all of whom also happened to be parents. Did she tell us to stop yelling or to put down the smart phone? No! She talked to us about the importance of self-care as a first step toward peaceful parenting. Ahhh. Don’t you feel better already just hearing that? I felt a weight lift as soon as she started talking about the proverbial oxygen mask.

Laine shared some strategies for self-care with us to give us ideas for how to do a quick recharge to make sure our “batteries” don’t run out. She offered singing or humming, gently washing your face, and slowly enjoying a hot drink as just a few ideas for hitting the reset button to be able to bring your best self to the people you love the most.

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-Nikki Shaheed, Certified Birthing from Within Mentor and Doula

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