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Exciting News! Nikki Becomes Co-Owner of Birthing from Within

When I first attended a Birthing from Within training in 2012, I was blown away at the depth of the program, at how much it touched my soul. It gave me something I didn’t know I was looking for, and I developed an insatiable hunger for more…more introspection, more growth, more wisdom, more real and honest teaching, supporting, and living.

This passion took me through Birthing from Within certification, and every other class that BFW offered (literally all of them, lol), including Birth Story Listening. In 2016 Pam England invited me to teach Birth Story Listening alongside her. I trained for a year under Pam’s tutelage, and then became a Facilitator. A dream I had held for four years had come true, but the best was yet to come.

One of the things I love about Pam England is that she loves to create and dream BIG. Together we re-designed the Birth Story Listening program, but the dreams didn’t end there. Pam heard a call to recreate Birthing from Within, to take it to brave new places and make it more accessible. Her vision was incredibly exciting, the sort of thing that makes your heart leap in your chest…that’s how I knew it felt right.

A few months ago, Pam asked Carrie Kenner, Erika Primozich, and myself to take over ownership of Birthing from Within, and we gladly accepted. The three of us will carry Pam’s vision forward running the business, with Pam’s brilliant creative input. Right now we are in the process of redesigning Birthing from Within’s programs that will roll out beginning next month!

We want people to experience the powerful, embodied learning of the ceremony and ritual that Birthing from Within offers. Our belief that people become better guides for parents when they have experienced initiation prompted us to now start the process of becoming a Birthing from Within mentor or doula with the Crossing the Threshold training. We are thrilled to bring this program to birth professionals to inspire them and prevent burnout, to remind them on a deep level why they chose birth work in the first place.

Our new programs will consist of an in-person Crossing the Threshold training followed by online courses to help those training to become a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor or Doula have a continuously supported learning environment that is accessible from home. All of these programs will require plenty of facilitators, which is why Pam trained 17 new facilitators in February! Watching her vision unfold and seeing our hard work take shape drives us to keep pushing forward to change birth in our culture.

This new role requires a lot of hard work, collaboration, late nights, conference calls, and patience. But nothing that is worth having comes easy, so Erika, Carrie, Pam, and I are lovingly putting in the time because it matters. Birth matters. Parents’ experiences matter. Birth professionals’ experiences matter. We will continue to work hard to help people look within and access their inner wisdom, resilience, and grit. We will fly across the country and around the world because we are answering a profound calling to bring the birth world a compassionate salve in their challenging and meaningful work.

If you’ve been hearing a call to birth work, or to explore Birthing from Within, I hope you will join us. The important message of Birthing from Within will spread far and wide with the help of people who care about helping parents navigate the childbearing year with a loving and open heart. It’s time to Cross the Threshold into a new way of seeing birth.


Nikki Shaheed

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  1. Natasha on May 6, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    So happy for you! So excited for your new adventure! Congratulations!! Can’t wait to learn more.

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