It’s the pride of watching your children try something new.

It’s the ache of feeling your children pull away from you as they get older.

It’s the joy of receiving a drawing or creation that your child made with their own hands just for you.

It’s the defeat that comes with picking someone else’s wet towel up off the floor again.

It’s the delight of hearing your children giggle as they chase each other around the house.

It’s the connection and community that children inspire you to grow.

It’s the exhaustion of being the only one home with the kids while everything is falling apart.

It’s the loneliness that comes with another cliché response to your feelings about mothering, instead of actual listening.

It’s the satisfaction that comes with everyone finally getting to sleep at night.

It’s the anger of watching the food you put love and effort into cooking be thrown in the trash.

It’s the anger of watching food you didn’t put love into but made because you had to being thrown in the trash.

It’s the happy tears of watching your child win an award for their efforts.

It’s the fullness in your heart that comes with the first time your little one says, “I love you, Mommy.”

It’s the shame of losing your temper, again.

It’s the peace of mind you feel when your child learns how to swim.

It’s the fear that “something bad” will happen to your child, something so overwhelming that you can’t even say it in a more real way than that.

It’s the amazement at how strong, independent, funny, and creative your child is.

It’s the disappointment of being lied to.

It’s the fatigue.

It’s the fatigue.

It’s the fatigue.

It’s the satisfaction of smelling the top of your baby’s head.

It’s the adoration of your child when they’re all dressed up.

It’s the letdown of a body that will never look the same.

It’s the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the miracles we often have to pull off in order to meet everyone’s needs.

It’s the panic of seeing your child hurt.

It’s the wonder of seeing how much your child has grown.

It’s the constant noise.

It’s the pressure from society to be all things to all people.

It’s the never-ending to-do list.

It’s the first laugh.

It’s the middle of the night snuggles.

It’s the last nursing session.

It’s everything.

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