If you're curious about my services, one of the best ways to learn more is through the perspectives of families I have worked with. Through all the work that I do, there are core threads of experience as shared below. Enjoy!

Becoming birth partners...

We feel stronger as a couple

“We feel stronger as a couple and are approaching labor and delivery as a team.”

- Lauren

Prepared + Connected

“These classes have helped us feel more prepared, connected, understanding, and patient with each other and ourselves.”

- Shelley

Brought us closer

“I learned more about my spouse. It was neat seeing his responses, his concerns, his questions. It has brought us closer.”

- anonymous mother

I feel he is an active part of this journey

“I loved and valued how involved the class got my husband to be. I feel so much closer to him and I feel he is an active part of this journey.”

- Erika

My partner was originally against classes

“My partner was originally against classes, but by the second class he realized how helpful it was. He was upset when he missed classes. It helped him learn how to help me. These classes brought us closer as a couple. We learned how to lean on each other more and realize that we are in it together. Nikki did a fabulous job!”

- anonymous mother

These classes brought us WAY closer.

“These classes brought us WAY closer. Even though this is my 3rd [baby], I feel I learned a ton and am more prepared.”

- Angely

We feel more connected and prepared.

“I feel like the class really gave [my partner] a space and confidence to dig deep into his feelings and ask questions rather than assume. I think it gave him confidence. Every night we leave class and feel more connected and prepared to birth/parent as a team.”

- anonymous mother

New confidence...

I feel like a warrior

“I feel like a warrior going into battle – ready, fierce, excited, assured.”

- Shelley

Helped and empowered my partner

“These classes have helped my partner be more supportive of my VBAC and empowered him to be more ‘there’ to help and protect me. It has brought us closer together and made us more in tune with each other.”

- Marissa

This class was wonderful.

“This class got my partner thinking about the process. The homework questions/practice sessions at home made my partner take time out of his busy schedule (and mine too). It definitely influenced my partner’s attitude for the better. I’m glad I took this class and not any other. This class definitely teaches you more than what you can learn from a book/video.”

- Sowmya

All expecting parents should…

“This is something I think all expecting parents should do. I feel so much more confident and empowered for my birth.”

- Erika

Helped me with anxiety

“I highly recommend this class to anyone who’s nervous (like me) about birth. Thank you for helping me with my anxieties. I feel better about the process and more at ease after this class. I can’t imagine not taking this class.”

- anonymous mother

Open and thought-provoking…

“I liked the open discussions, thought-provoking questions, and birth art. It’s wonderful to have time/space to learn about birth while also digging deep into our personal minds, building relationships with our partner, and exploring creativity.”

- anonymous mother

A well-rounded approach.

“I most valued the well-rounded approach to the class. I felt that we not only learned very practical exercises but also learned how to trust and gain confidence in our intuition. I think these classes gave my partner a very realistic view of birth and helped him to feel confident in his ability to support my during birth and also think more concretely about our lives as parents. It opened up discussions about birth and parenting that we had not yet explored.” – anonymous mother

Unity and confidence.

“I valued the honesty in this class. Everyone showed their vulnerable side and felt safe. That is rare and it made everything that much more amazing. I loved watching my hubby learn and ask questions. This class took us from [being on] different pages and him being scared to unity and confidence.”

- anonymous mother

Confident in myself…

“This class and Nikki have helped me to feel more confident in myself as a person, not just a pregnant lady.”

- Stephanie

Loved her teaching style...

Small group environment

“I liked the small group environment of being able to talk things through. [My partner] seems much more mentally and emotionally prepared. Nikki was an outstanding instructor and I would recommend her to anyone.”

- Bryan

I appreciate your patience

“I appreciate your patience, and the time you took to value each of our personalities. These classes influenced my super-awesome wife to find her bliss and take time for herself. Thank you for being a light in a process that is often hard to navigate.”

- Eric

I liked the open discussion

“I liked the open discussion every week. It really helped to know that I was not alone in many of my fears/concerns.”

- Lauren

A great listener

“Nikki, you are an amazing mentor and a great listener while being so down-to-earth and real. This has been an amazing class and has really helped me prepare for baby #2.”

- Marissa

Extremely personable and helpful

“Nikki was extremely personable and helpful. She stayed after class to address concerns, which was much appreciated. The class was an awesome experience and has made me more aware and prepared to face labor.”

- Sekinat