As an expectant parent you struggle with so many unknowns.

In Birthing from Within classes you'll get the skills and tools you need to overcome uncertainty and face birth with confidence and support.

As an expectant parent you struggle with so many unknowns.



In Birthing from Within classes you'll get the skills and tools you need to overcome uncertainty and face birth with confidence and support.



what to expect in birth




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How to get ready to meet your baby...

class registration

1. Sign up and access online content immediately.


2. Schedule your two, 2-hour Zoom classes.

parents community

3. Become a more confident and connected for birth.

No one should have to experience birth feeling disconnected and unprepared.

Learn what you need to know to approach birth with the confidence you deserve.

What Will I Learn in Class?

Birthing from Within classes are designed to be a place where parents can safely explore, ask questions, try something new, move through the unfamiliar, and tap into the inner resources they already possess for birth.

pain coping mindset

Cultivating a resilient and open mindset for birth

stages of labor

Stages of Labor: How to cope and how to support throughout

comfort measures

Hands-on support techniques for birth partners

birth support

Strengthened connection between parents

birth and labor support

The language of Labor Land: protecting the birth space

birth as a heroic journey

Preparing for the Unknown through experiential learning

labor hormones

The crucial role of hormones and brain waves in labor

prenatal guidance

The inner journey through birth and postpartum


Collaborative communication with your birth attendant

epidural induction c-section

Compassionate use of epidurals, induction, and cesarean birth

non-judgmental birth support

Fostering self-acceptance for the challenges of labor

postpartum transitions

Postpartum Transitions: adjusting to life with a new baby

Begin Learning Today

These private Birthing from Within childbirth classes are held on Zoom. We'll meet for two, 2-hour classes, where you'll learn about the birth process, and how you and your birth partner can cope and support one another through it.

You can schedule daytime classes Monday - Friday between 9:30am-1:30pm, and evening classes between 5pm-9pm. There is a $50 discount for daytime classes.

In addition to our four hours of one-on-one class time, you'll also receive supplemental videos to explain the nuts and bolts of birth. That way we can spend our time together on hands-on, interactive learning.

After you register you'll have immediate access to online videos and resources, as well as a scheduling link to set up our private sessions at a time that works for your family.

Daytime Classes

Day time classes are scheduled in 2-hour sessions, which can be held anytime Monday - Friday between 9:30 am - 1:30 pm CST. $300/family.



Evening Classes

Day time classes are scheduled in 2-hour sessions, which can be held anytime Monday - Thursday between 5 pm - 9 pm CST. $350/family.

For health and religious reasons, evening classes are paused until May 17th, 2021.

What Parents Are Saying About Birthing From Within

"I valued the honesty in this class. Everyone showed their vulnerable side and felt safe. That is rare and it made everything that much more amazing. I loved watching my hubby learn and ask questions. This class took us from being on different pages and him being scared, to unity and confidence."

- Anonymous Mother

"These classes brought us WAY closer. Even though this is my 3rd [baby], I feel I learned a ton and am more prepared." 

- Angely, pregnant mother

"Birth is the world of the unknown, but Nikki’s class helps you prepare for almost anything being thrown at you. Nikki, herself has a magical way of making everyone feel valued in their experience and challenged everyone to grow individually. The class itself also connects you and your partner in a way that most don’t before. I loved being surrounded by others going through the same journey sharing our thoughts and ideas while holding my wife’s hand or leaning on her shoulder for support. This review is only a small tidbit on how impactful this class was on my life. Forever grateful and wish I could do it again!"

- Dani, pregnant mother

"Nikki was extremely personable and helpful. She stayed after class to address concerns, which was much appreciated. The class was an awesome experience and has made me more aware and prepared to face labor."

- Sekinat, pregnant mother

"These classes have helped us feel more prepared, connected, understanding, and patient with each other and ourselves."

- Shelley, pregnant mother

Learn What to Expect and Become a Well Prepared Team

Becoming a mother showed me that birth preparation is about so much more than learning facts and data, or trying to get it "right." I'm excited to share Birthing from Within's compassionate approach to childbirth with you, and help you prepare to face the unknown feeling confident, resilient, and connected with your birth team. Learn more about me and my work here!

~ Nikki Shaheed

Begin Your Birth Preparation Today!

The Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal will help you connect with your partner, your community, and yourself.

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FAQ About BFW Classes

Q: Do you offer in-person classes?

A: For the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak, all classes will take place online via Zoom. 

Q: Is this like a Lamaze class? Why bother taking a class in the age of Google?

A: Birthing from Within shares common ground with classes like Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, etc. in that it provides practical information to help parents understand the physical process of birth. However BFW is different from other prenatal classes, books, and internet searches in that it prepares parents for birth as a rite of passage.

A rite of passage involves new challenges, new learning, and awakening a part of yourself that has not been discovered yet. Embarking on a major life shift requires preparation and support. Taking a class that acknowledges this transformation creates space for parents to explore the emotions, fears, relationships, and changes that are present during birth and parenting, alongside learning practical information. Birthing from Within classes help parents enhance communication and learn to cope together as they navigate the shifting terrain of birth and parenting.   

Q: Can my partner come to classes?

A: Yes, please! Birthing from Within classes are designed for pregnant parents to be accompanied by at least one support person. It’s also ok to come to class on your own.

Q: When in my pregnancy should I take classes?

A: Any time in the third trimester is ideal. That said, take the class when you have space in your family's schedule. 

Q: Are Birthing from Within classes just for people who want an unmedicated birth? Just for people birthing at home or in a birth center?

A: No. Birthing from Within classes are not just inclusive of, but highly useful to parents for all kinds of birthing environments and preferences. Parents will gain skills to help with an unmedicated birth in classes, but also learn how to use technology in a way that best suits them, at a time that best suits them.