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This San Antonio childbirth class will prepare parents who are planning or anticipating a cesarean birth to stay connected to the birth process, the baby, their partner, and themselves.

Giving birth be cesarean requires sacrifice and courage. It is important for expecting parents to know what to expect, how to cope with the intensity of birth, and how to stay connected.

Cesarean Birth as a Rite of Passage

It's important for pregnant parents to learn how to cope - not just with pain, but with stress and overwhelm, which are inherent in the birth and postpartum process. Together you and your partner will learn to wire your brain for mindfulness, and foster a sense of connection to draw on during birth.

In class you'll gain an understanding of what a cesarean birth is, and how you can navigate your birth as a rite of passage, bringing compassion and mindfulness to the cesarean birth process. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019: 9 am - 1 pm

All people should have equal access to childbirth resources. To address disparities in healthcare, groups affected by those disparities including, but not limited to people of color, and those who are impacted by poverty are welcome to a discount on Birthing from Within classes. If you would like an Equity Discount, please reach out to Nikki through this form.

Cesarean Birth

To reserve your space in an upcoming Birthing from Within group class, click on the Register Now button and complete the registration form and payment. This class will be held at Family Birth Center in New Braunfels. $100/family. You can simply select the $100 down payment option on the checkout page. 


We explore:

  • Understanding the Map of Cesarean Birth as a Rite of Passage
  • Mindfulness for Birth and Postpartum
  • Partner Support
  • Postpartum Adjustments
  • Acknowledging Fears and Working Through Them

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Is this like a Lamaze class? Why bother taking a class in the age of Google?

A: Birthing from Within shares common ground with classes like Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, etc. in that it provides practical information to help parents understand the physical process of birth. However BFW is different from other prenatal classes, books, and internet searches in that it prepares parents for birth as a rite of passage.

A rite of passage is about crossing a threshold from your current self to the person you will become – a parent.  A rite of passage involves new challenges, new learning, and awakening a part of yourself that has not been discovered yet.  This awakening causes a shift in identity as you become a parent.

Embarking on a major life shift requires preparation and support. Taking a class that acknowledges this transformation creates space for parents to explore the emotions, fears, connection, and changes that are present during birth and parenting, alongside learning about practical information. Birthing from Within classes help parents enhance communication and learn to cope together as they navigate the shifting terrain of birth and parenting.   

Q: Can my partner come to classes?

A: Yes, please! Birthing from Within classes are designed for pregnant parents to be accompanied by at least one support person. If there is a class that your partner or co-parent cannot attend, I highly recommend that you bring a supportive friend, family member, or doula to accompany you. (It’s ok to come on your own if no one is available to come along, though.)

Q: When in my pregnancy should I take classes?

A: Any time in the third trimester is ideal.

Q: How big are the classes?

A:  My average class size is 3-5 couples.

Q: What exactly is a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor?

What exactly is a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor? In order to become a Certified Birthing from Within instructor I have traveled thousands of miles to complete over 100 hours of training specific to Birthing from Within. I have read over 50 books on birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, psychology, solution-focused dialogue, rites of passage, trauma prevention and healing. I have also attended over 40 births as a doula, submitted several recordings from my classes for review by peers and advisors to ensure quality class instruction, taught over 400 parents, attended 60 hours of continuing education outside of BFW, and logged 850+ hours of teaching time.

A: All of this training and experience means that the way I mentor classes is constantly growing and evolving.  Over the years I have brought in more and more advanced processes that help parents truly get a taste of what birth requires of them – facing their fears and moving through them, and building a strong foundation for a pain-coping mindset.  Years of working with expectant parents has given me the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t.  As a seasoned childbirth educator I have come to a place where I can intuit and meet the unique needs of birthing families.

Q: Are Birthing from Within classes just for people who want an unmedicated birth? Just for people birthing at home or in a birth center?

A: No. Birthing from Within classes are not just inclusive of, but highly useful to parents for all kinds of birthing environments and preferences. Parents will gain skills to help with an unmedicated birth in classes, but also learn how to use technology in a way that best suits them, at a time that best suits them.