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Slower is Faster

A few months ago my friend Abu Bakr, a highly skilled martial artist told me about a saying from Tai Chi – “slower is faster.” He explained that instead of constantly pushing ourselves to be bigger, faster, and stronger, we can accomplish more by taking our time and building strength slowly. In this way, we…

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Creating a Village – The Challenge for Modern Parents

In the colonial United States, women in a community would attend to a mother during birth, and take turns caring for and feeding her family during the first 40 days postpartum. At the end of the initial postpartum period, a “groaning party” would be held to celebrate and thank those who came together on behalf…

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Rebozo – Tools of the Doula Trade

Oh, the magical rebozo. A doula’s aid; an extension of a birth partner’s arms; support, balance, and relief for a birthing parent; and a beautiful symbol of Mexican culture. Entire trainings and certifications have been dedicated to this simple piece of cloth that make a difference in so many ways during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and…

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