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Changing Relationships: Things Nobody Told Me About Postpartum

Bringing a new baby into your family brings many big adjustments – your body, your finances, and your sleep schedule all have to bend and flex to make space for an additional family member. While friends and family tend to share about adjustments that come with parenthood, there are some pieces of the postpartum puzzle…

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It’s the pride of watching your children try something new. It’s the ache of feeling your children pull away from you as they get older. It’s the joy of receiving a drawing or creation that your child made with their own hands just for you. It’s the defeat that comes with picking someone else’s wet…

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Preparing Soulfully for Parenthood: Part 2

There is no shortage of information on pregnancy, birth, baby feeding, and childrearing in books, online, and from anecdotal accounts. Sometimes appearing in public while pregnant or caring for child(ren) can be taken as an invitation for unsolicited stories and advice. It’s a lot for modern parents to wade through! Some parents will choose to…

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Preparing Soulfully for Parenthood: Part 1

There are many hilarious lists about how to prepare to be a parent, including, “If you plan on driving while being a parent, borrow three orangutans (ask for strong-willed ones) from your local zoo. Put them in rear-facing car seats. Keep your eyes on the road,” (Bunmi Laditan) and, “Ask your partner to shout out…

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How to Mine an Uninvited Birth Story for Gold

From the moment a parent (or their midsection) announces their pregnancy, they are inundated with a barrage of birth stories from friends, family members, and even strangers.  These stories tend to center around themes of pride, shame, or blame.  Most parents-to-be listen politely while looking for the nearest exit, and a few bold ones will…

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