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Surviving Postpartum

Three Tips to Help You Through the First Six Weeks After Birth There is so much build up, so much excitement at the end of pregnancy about meeting your new baby! The nursery is decorated, the onesies are organized, and the car seat is installed. The anticipation is palpable. Immediately after birth there is a…

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The Greatest Birth Story Ever Told

  What We Can Learn from Jesus’ Birth   It may seem odd for a Muslim doula to be writing about the birth of Jesus, but believe it or not, Muslims share the Christian belief that Jesus was born to a virgin mother. In fact, Mary is one of the most beloved women in history…

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Fear and Childbirth

Is fear making you freeze, or are you using it as a learning opportunity for birth?  Nikki Shaheed CD(DONA)                                                                        …

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Repeat After Me: "I am Enough"

birth story healing

Hey you! Yes, you…the one who replays decisions you made during your birth over and over again. The one who ponders the “what if’s” when you’re alone in bed at night. The one who wants/wishes for a do-over birth so you could do it the “right” way this time… You are enough! The decisions you…

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