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Why VBAC Moms Need Birthing from Within

birthing from within for vbac preparation

How to Find Healing and Move Forward As a VBAC mom and a doula who has attended many VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean) and CBACS (cesarean birth after cesarean) as well, I have a unique perspective about what moms needs when they are seeking a vaginal birth after giving birth by cesarean. For many VBAC…

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Rebozo – Tools of the Doula Trade

Oh, the magical rebozo. A doula’s right (and left) hand man; an extension of a birth partner’s arms; support, balance, and relief for a birthing mom. Entire trainings and certifications have been dedicated to this simple piece of cloth that make a difference in so many ways during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. A rebozo is…

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Hand Fan – Tools of the Doula Trade

Why a hand fan? Labor is hard work! The uterus is a huge muscle that usually contracts for hours on end during labor and burn lots and lots of calories, like working out. That’s why it’s important for a mom to stay hydrated and nourished. It’s also important for birth companions to help a mom…

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Parenting and Social Media: The Facebook Facade

One of my favorite books, The Four Agreements lays out four guidelines for personal power: be impeccable with your word, always do your best, don’t make assumptions, and don’t take things personally. As this generation of moms and dads crosses into the previously uncharted territory of parenting in the age of social media, the agreement…

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When a Mom Loses It in Labor – 5 Tips for Partners

How to Help a Laboring Mom Who is Feeling DONE As parents prepare their minds and bodies for the upcoming birth of their child, many partners have the same thought cross their mind:¬†What if she freaks out? While moms may create plans for their birth before labor begins, partners often feel concerned about what their…

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