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Judging People for Getting an Epidural

I was recently hospitalized for a couple of days, and found myself shocked at how much of a nuisance my IV was. In my mind I kept saying over and over, “I’m not even having contractions and I want an epidural to deal with how uncomfortable my arm is! How do people labor and birth…

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It’s the pride of watching your children try something new. It’s the ache of feeling your children pull away from you as they get older. It’s the joy of receiving a drawing or creation that your child made with their own hands just for you. It’s the defeat that comes with picking someone else’s wet…

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Two-Day Experiential Workshop Aims to Heal Emotional Birth Trauma in Parents and Birth Professionals Houston, Texas— Pam England, renowned author and founder of Birthing From Within and Ancient Map for Modern Birth, will be co-presenting “Birth Story Listening Skills for Birth and Postpartum Professionals” May 19 and 20, 2018, with Nikki Shaheed, Birthing From Within…

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How to Create Compassionate Birth Affirmations

In preparation for birth, many pregnant parents like to create affirmations written out on paper or strung up in a style inspired by prayer flags to keep them encouraged and focused during labor. There are even online shops that sell beautifully crafted affirmations for birthing families to display. How They Can Help Rehearsing affirmations helps…

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Is She Going to Punch Me in Labor?

woman in labor punching

At least once per Birthing from Within class series a partner will ask about the likelihood of getting decked in labor. The good news is that I have rarely seen a laboring parent get aggressive. The other news is that as the one person she could wail on in labor, you hold a powerful and…

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