As Spring brings beautiful bluebonnets and sunny skies, it also brings an abundance of Live Oak pollen for San Antonio residents. I asked some local experts about how pregnant and nursing folks can safely treat seasonal allergies. They weighed in on prevention, symptom treatment, and managing side effects. This is what they had to say:

Nurse-Midwife Rachel Cornett-Olsson, APRN, CNM, CPM recommended using a neti pot once a day for prevention, or as often as two to three times per day once symptoms have hit. Eating foods that are noninflammatory to the gut mucosa help keep mucous down as well, which can be different depending on the individual—some people do better without gluten or grains, but most everyone benefits from restricting dairy products during times when they are battling mucous. NAC is a supplement that is very useful in breaking up excess mucous, and Zinc, Vitamin C, Umcka, Echinacea, and Elderberry can help prevent allergies from turning into an infection. Nettles is a wonderful herb that is highly nutrient-rich and can be taken daily to help prevent allergies if you are prone.

Dr. Erica Hernandez, DC is a local chiropractor whose work has a strong focus on pregnancy, postpartum, and new babies. As a doctor of chiropractic, her goal is to create balance in the body whenever the body is in dis-ease, or more easily understood, a state of stress. Dr. Erica says that in this state, the body functions at a lower level.

“As mothers, we tend to put ourselves last. We carry our babies for a lot longer than forty weeks, we grab a quick bite or survive on coffee and tea, and let’s face it: raising human beings can be hard emotionally. The physical chemical and emotional stress that we are under daily acts as a damper on our nervous system, creating imbalance in the body. The nervous system is the most important system of the body, and when it doesn’t function well the other systems begin to decline. Seasonal allergies are one of the many nuances that can slow us down, but I and so many others have found that with regular chiropractic care, seasonal allergies can be one less thing to remedy. Chiropractic care removes the interference in your nervous system, allowing your body to function at a higher level.”

Dr. Holly Hernandez, PT, DPT weighed in on some of the unpleasant side effects that accompany seasonal allergies with the following:

“Did you know peezing is an actual urban dictionary term ? (Sneezing + peeing = peezing)”
Below is her advice for retraining the pelvic floor during allergy season to avoid or decrease leaking.

“It is important to squeeze and then sneeze. Working on retraining a pelvic floor muscle contraction (AKA kegel) on your exhale will help to retrain the brain to contract as you sneeze, laugh, or cough. Remember that it is never ‘normal’ to leak urine, and pelvic floor physical therapy can be helpful in strengthening, releasing tension, and improving the function of the pelvic floor.”

Many thanks to our San Antonio practitioners for taking the time to help out local parents who are suffering from allergies! You can learn more about these fabulous women and get in touch with them through the information below.

Rachel Cornett-Olsson, APRN, CNM, CPM

Erica Hernandez, DC
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Holly Hernandez, PT, DPT
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