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Hello and welcome! I’m Nikki Shaheed, a Birthing from Within Trainer, Birth Story Listening Trainer, and one of the co-owners of Birthing from Within International. I teach engaging and interactive childbirth classes in north central San Antonio to parents expecting a baby.

Since 2012 the focus of my work here in San Antonio and around the world has been bringing compassion to birth and parenting. In my childbirth classes I foster realistic expectations about birth - normalizing excitement, doubt, love, fear, and everything in between during labor.

I’ve attended dozens of births and mentored hundreds of parents in the San Antonio region. With each new family I meet, I gain new insights and wisdom, learning from each parent as much as they learn from me. I look forward to meeting your family!

Nikki Shaheed San Antonio Childbirth Educator

Local & international childbirth trainer

When I’m not busy teaching partners how to do the hip squeeze, I facilitate workshops and trainings to teach Birthing from Within and Birth Story Listening skills to doulas, midwives, nurses, and birth workers across the globe.

Locally I serve as a leader of the San Antonio Cesarean Support Group, a resource for those who have given birth by cesarean. You also might catch me leading personal growth events and drum circles around San Antonio.

Birthing from Within is more than a job or a philosophy for me…it is an integral daily practice.

My work, life & motherhood

I am a wife, and mother to three amazing children. Bringing my children into the world allowed me to experience a wide range of birth paths and outcomes, and showed me the importance of flexibility, self-love, and a willingness to do the next best thing. The humbling journey to becoming a mother has given me abundant opportunities to apply the mindfulness and self-compassion of Birthing from Within to my everyday life. 

Birthing from Within Trainer
January 2018 - present

Birth Story Listening Trainer
July 2016 – present

Birthing from Within Mentor Training
September 2017 Chicago, IL
January 2014 San Antonio, TX
June 2012 Vancouver, BC

Birthing from Within Red Tent for Certified Mentors
July 2016

Birthing from Within Mentor Certification
March 2016

Advanced Birth Story Listening Training
February 2016 Distance Course

Birth Story Medicine Training
February 2015 Austin, TX

Birth Art Course
October - November 2014 Distance Course

Rebozo Training and Certification
October 2014 San Antonio, TX
January 2014 Austin, TX

Birthing from Within Advanced Training
April 2014 Watsonville, CA

Birth Story Listening Training
October – November 2013 Distance Course

DONA Birth Doula Certification
June 2013

Spinning Babies Training
June 2018 San Diego, CA
February 2013 San Antonio, TX

DONA Birth Doula Training
October 2012 San Antonio, TX