Ok, here we go!

Step step step oh whyyyyyyyy didn’t I stretch? Everything hurts. Maybe I should just go home. No, keep going…it will be ok.

Hey, look at me. I’m doing it! I’m jogging!

Is the front wheel locked? Doing ok, baby?

Wow, I think I’ve been running for 10 minutes straight. That’s weird, though, because we’re still on the first song on the playlist…

Ok, I’m kinda tired.

Do your breathing. I will jog up to that truck and then walk a little.

I could just walk now.

No, go to the truck.

I’ve already jogged a lot for day 1. Maybe I’ll just stop…

Go. To. The. Truck.

Yay, the truck! Break time! Wow, everything hurts. Is my mouth bleeding from all this heavy breathing?

Don’t slow down too much, you’ll never make it home.

I’m pretty awesome.

Time to jog again. I’m tired faster. Maybe this controlled breathing stuff is nonsense. Let’s try not doing it.


Ok, back to controlled breathing. I’ll just walk after the speed bump. I’ve jogged a lot for day 1.

Hey, wait…a downward slope. I can jog foreverrrrrr!

Oh wow, I can hang on to the stroller and swing one arm. This is so liberating.

Hey, Florence is singing about running. How cool is that?

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father…

I wish I had roller skates. Then I could incorporate dance moves into my stroller pushing.

Just a litttle further to my street aaaaand walk it out.

This hill is so steep. Walking up this short hill right next to my house is harrrrd.

I’m too tired to make it up the driveway.

Home sweet home. Now I can go crush some ice cream to make up for all this jogging, right?


<3 Nikki