Resources for Parents

Support for families

We have amazing support in San Antonio for pregnant couples and new parents. You can find some of our wonderful local birth resources below:

Breastfeeding Housecalls
(210) 209-1002
An outstanding International Board Certified Lactation Consultant offering in-office and in home breastfeeding support based on extensive education and experience
-Breastfeeding Classes
-Home Visits & Office Visits
¡Habla español!

La Leche League of San Antonio
La Leche League holds monthly meetings across San Antonio and offers trained peer breastfeeding support for those who are nursing.

Baby Cafe
Free breastfeeding support Monday-Saturday for residents of Bexar County.

Alex Sweeney, D.C.
Lone Star Spine, Sport, and Wellness
(210) 323-2163
Dr. Sweeney is a Webster Certified chiropractor who provides in-home chiropractic care to her patients.

San Antonio Cesarean Support Group

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Denise Arianna Mitchell, Certified Babywearing Educator
(210) 545-2499
Baby Hip provides one-on-one Babywearing Education to parents, caregivers, health practitioners and birth workers.

Babywearing International of San Antonio
Monthly meetings throughout San Antonio where caregivers can receive hands-on support in learning safe and effective babywearing practices.

Brittany Brooks Photography
(210) 737-4587
Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn Photographer and Videographer

Go, Baby, Go!
(210) 313-4239
6104 Broadway Ste. C-4 San Antonio, TX 78209
Cloth diapering, babywearing, and natural family care products.

San Antonio Natural Parenting
San Antonio Natural Parenting is a private support group for parents who live in the San Antonio, TX area that connects & offers support to parents choosing more natural options for their families.

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