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Birth Classes

20 Reasons to Sign Up for a Childbirth Class at 20 Weeks

When to take a childbirth class

As your belly grows and your sweet baby puts on the ounces, there are many exciting milestones!  The first time you feel those tiny feet kicking, making it to the second trimester, wearing maternity clothes, and making a visit to your doctor or midwife, to name a few.   There’s another important milestone when you…

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A Glimpse of Birthing from Within

Birthing from Within classes are as unique as they are thorough.  Moms, dads, and partners will benefit from experiential learning that balances practical information with self discovery as parents prepare to meet their baby.

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A Map for Birth

Labyrinth birth classes

What if someone could give you a map…an emotional guide…to birth?  What if someone could normalize feeling scared, elated, so bleeping over it, plugged in with their partner, overwhelmed, and strong BEFORE the birth so that parents knew they were on the right track when they passed through these gates during birth?  What if parents…

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