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Parenting and Social Media: The Facebook Facade

One of my favorite books, The Four Agreements lays out four guidelines for personal power: be impeccable with your word, always do your best, don’t make assumptions, and don’t take things personally. As this generation of moms and dads crosses into the previously uncharted territory of parenting in the age of social media, the agreement…

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When a Mom Loses It in Labor – 5 Tips for Partners

How to Help a Laboring Mom Who is Feeling DONE As parents prepare their minds and bodies for the upcoming birth of their child, many partners have the same thought cross their mind: What if she freaks out? While moms may create plans for their birth before labor begins, partners often feel concerned about what their…

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Birth Ball – Tools of the Doula Trade

How a birth ball can help a laboring mom progress and find rest As parents prepare for the day of their baby’s arrival, they are presented with a plethora of options: hospital, birth center, home birth, midwife, OB/GYN, doula, natural birth, epidural, induction… It’s enough to make your head spin! In the coming posts I’m…

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20 Reasons to Sign Up for a Childbirth Class at 20 Weeks

When to take a childbirth class

As your belly grows and your sweet baby puts on the ounces, there are many exciting milestones!  The first time you feel those tiny feet kicking, making it to the second trimester, wearing maternity clothes, and making a visit to your doctor or midwife, to name a few.   There’s another important milestone when you…

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A Glimpse of Birthing from Within

Birthing from Within classes are as unique as they are thorough.  Moms, dads, and partners will benefit from experiential learning that balances practical information with self discovery as parents prepare to meet their baby.

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