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My Birth Story, and Why I’m Telling It This Way

The story of Inanna’s Descent has been told in my Birthing from Within series since I became an Advanced Mentor.  This story is over 6000 years old, and relates to the universal human experience of going through a Rite of […]

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Doula Work and Motherhood

Chasing the Pot of Gold in the Rainbow of Balance   It’s not unusual for the call to join a doula family at their birth to come in the dead of the night.  In fact, it’s so common that I […]

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No, I’m Not Going to Teach You How to Breathe

Disspelling Myths About Childbirth Education Classes Sometimes I’ll get calls from people inquiring about my Birthing from Within or Birthing Again classes where the interested party asks if I teach moms how to breathe.  No, I’m not going to teach […]

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Surviving Postpartum

Three Tips to Help Moms Through the First Six Weeks After Birth So much build up, so much excitement at the end of pregnancy about meeting your new baby!  The nursery is decorated, the onesies are organized, and the car […]

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The Greatest Birth Story Ever Told

  What Pregnant Women Can Learn from Jesus’ Birth   It may seem odd for a Muslim doula to be writing about the birth of Jesus, but believe it or not, Muslims share the Christian belief that Jesus was born […]

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Birth and Parenting…

…And the Ability to Make a Recovery   One of the things I stress in Birthing from Within classes is how childbirth preparation is also parenting preparation.  – Want to learn how to cope with labor pain?  Those skills will […]

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A Map for Birth

What if someone could give you a map…an emotional guide…to birth?  What if someone could normalize feeling scared, elated, so bleeping over it, plugged in with their partner, overwhelmed, and strong BEFORE the birth so that parents knew they were […]

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Self Knowledge is as Important as Practical Knowledge for Birth

What is just as important as gaining information about birth?  Gaining awareness.  Does that sound like some hippy stuff?  Well, guess what?  Most of the practical information moms pick up before birth will fly right out of their heads during […]

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Fear and Childbirth

Is fear making you freeze, or are you using it as a learning opportunity for birth?  Nikki Shaheed CD(DONA)                                           […]

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What a Doula Doesn’t Do

There is a lot of talk about what doulas can do to help families, backed up by anecdotal accounts of how helpful doulas were to birthing parents and even statistics showing better birth outcomes for moms who had a doula. […]

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