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The Table: Reflections on Family

  When my husband and I got married 13 years ago my grandmother bought us a dining room table. It was one of the few new pieces of furniture in our apartment among the many hand-me-downs that compose the classic style of decor for young adults who are just starting out. Our pretty oak table…

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Diversity of Birth

The ways that babies can enter the world are as diverse as the families who welcome them. Each birth is a sacred threshold moment in a family’s story, the moment when a baby and a whole new family unit is born. It takes determination, resilience, and the strength to do whatever the moment calls for…

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Older Siblings at the Birth – 7 Tips for Parents

siblings at birth

For older siblings the birth of a new brother or sister can be a very exciting time! As mom’s belly swells and the due month draws near, moms and dads may start to wonder how they can include their older child(ren) in the birth without overwhelming them. Below are a few tips to prepare the…

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Why VBAC Moms Need Birthing from Within

birthing from within for vbac preparation

How to Find Healing and Move Forward As a VBAC mom and a doula who has attended many VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean) and CBACS (cesarean birth after cesarean) as well, I have a unique perspective about what moms needs when they are seeking a vaginal birth after giving birth by cesarean. For many VBAC…

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Rebozo – Tools of the Doula Trade

Oh, the magical rebozo. A doula’s right (and left) hand man; an extension of a birth partner’s arms; support, balance, and relief for a birthing mom. Entire trainings and certifications have been dedicated to this simple piece of cloth that make a difference in so many ways during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. A rebozo is…

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Hand Fan – Tools of the Doula Trade

Why a hand fan? Labor is hard work! The uterus is a huge muscle that usually contracts for hours on end during labor and burn lots and lots of calories, like working out. That’s why it’s important for a mom to stay hydrated and nourished. It’s also important for birth companions to help a mom…

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