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Preparing Soulfully for Parenthood: Part 2

There is no shortage of information on pregnancy, birth, baby feeding, and childrearing in books, online, and from anecdotal accounts. Sometimes appearing in public while pregnant or caring for child(ren) can be taken as an invitation for unsolicited stories and […]

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Preparing Soulfully for Parenthood: Part 1

There are many hilarious lists about how to prepare to be a parent, including, “If you plan on driving while being a parent, borrow three orangutans (ask for strong-willed ones) from your local zoo. Put them in rear-facing car seats. […]

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Back to School, Counting Down the Hours

By May 1st I felt completely done with the 2016-17 school year. I was tired of forcing the kids to do homework, tired of dragging them out of bed in the morning, and tired of fighting with them to go […]

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Have Kids, Will Travel: 5 Tips for Parents

We will be gathering up our kids and traveling across the country for our third summer in a row this year. We have been blessed to make summertime trips a tradition in recent years, and have experienced a lot of […]

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Between Two Worlds…Savoring My Daughter’s Childhood

My oldest child is 8 years young, although she seems to be growing up more and more each day. Watching PG movies, using special face wash, and taking charge of styling her own hair. I feel pride at the amazing […]

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4 Ways to Know Your Provider is a Good Fit

Pregnancy and birth are full of choices to make from what color to paint the baby’s room to baby names to where give birth to what kind of car seat to buy. Here are a few simple tips to help […]

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Non-Inclusive Birth Preparation is Traumatizing Women

Many people believe that medical interventions cause birth trauma. More often than not, that is incorrect. What causes trauma is expectations…expectations about the pain, how a mother is supported, how she responds to the intensity of labor, and about her […]

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San Antonio: Why I Love Doing Doula Work in the Alamo City

San Antonio: the land of tacos and Rodeo. The land of tacos and the Spurs. The land of tacos and the Riverwalk. Also, the land of tacos. While I didn’t grow up in San Antonio, this city has become my […]

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Drum Circles: Why We Come Together to Drum Together

This week I had the joy of leading a Drum Circle at San Antonio Nurse Midwife Nikki McIver-Brown’s cozy office in Bracken Village. Not only does Nikki provide pregnancy, home birth, and well-woman care, she also fosters a strong sense […]

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