Birthing From Within Classes

Since 1999 Birthing from Within mentors and doulas worldwide have been bringing loving, non-judgmental support and guidance to parents during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Guiding parents through developing a pain coping mindset and inner resilience grants them the tools to work through a natural birth, induction, medicated birth, cesarean birth, etc. with an inner wisdom of their inherent worthiness of love and support.

nikkirebozoParents who work with a Birthing from Within mentor or doula are better equipped to withstand the many challenging, but manageable moments that labor brings. Normalizing excitement, fear, love, doubt, and the entire range of emotions that can be present in any given moment during birth helps mothers stay focused and cope through labor, rather than judge herself for “doing it wrong.” Birthing from Within provides compassionate, realistic preparation and care for parents who are getting ready to meet their baby.

In Birthing from Within classes moms, dads, and partners will have a multi-sensory experience, appealing to various personality types and learning styles. Interactive, experiential learning helps parents-to-be build confidence, patience, and strength to take on the challenges of birth and parenting.

belly siftingWorking with a Birthing from Within doula means that you will have an open-minded ally at your birth who will support you through each twist and turn. She knows that there are no right or wrong ways to get through labor, and will give her all to families without preconceived notions about parents’ choices or needs.

During Birthing from Within training we are invited to release assumptions and biases about birth and postpartum – not just once, but as a continual practice to become a more open-hearted birth worker. We learn about birth not as a sterile set of stages of labor, but as an endeavor, a journey where each step brings a woman closer to a place of surrender and her own birth as a new mother. Birthing from within mentors and doulas are well-practiced in mindfulness and self-compassion, so that by the time they arrive at a birth or a class series, it’s second nature to bring this part of their life to the parents they work with.