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Let’s Talk About this Giraffe Birth

I often ask parents in my Birthing from Within classes if they’ve ever seen a cat or dog give birth. Perhaps one or two people in the group will report that they have seen a mammal birth. Usually the birth […]

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Exercising with a Baby: The Internal Dialogue of a Mom Getting Back in the Saddle

Ok, here we go! Step step step oh whyyyyyyyy didn’t I stretch? Everything hurts. Maybe I should just go home. No, keep going…it will be ok. Hey, look at me. I’m doing it! I’m jogging! Is the front wheel locked? […]

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The Table: Reflections on Family

  When my husband and I got married 13 years ago my grandmother bought us a dining room table. It was one of the few new pieces of furniture in our apartment among the many hand-me-downs that compose the classic […]

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