Guidance for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Birthing from Within is a philosophical approach to birth that gives parents realistic preparation for this amazing rite of passage.

​Parents will learn that excitement, fear, confusion, and pain are all normal parts of labor. Instead of seeing these feelings as problematic, parents will understand that they are sign posts that mean you’re on the right track!

Parents will be armed with pain coping practices and support techniques to help them train for the birth they desire, and will also build resilience and mental strength to cope with any unexpected events that may arise. Birth art, role playing, and hands-on support are all part of the experiential learning expectant parents will take part in to help them prepare for the full spectrum of birth.


Birthing from Within Classes (and Birthing Again classes for experienced parents) help connect mothers and partners to practical knowledge about birth, self knowledge about how individuals move through challenges, and the knowing “in your bones” about giving birth.

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Doula Services

Physical, emotional, and informational doula support provided during labor and beyond, individually tailored based on the foundation built during prenatal appointments and classes, and our experience helping dozens of families through this journey.

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Birth Story Listening

An opportunity to process your birth story in a whole new way…helping mothers and support people feel a mental shift from a part of their story that is causing them pain, confusion, or anger.

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