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Birthing Classes in San Antonio, Texas

Guidance for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

$199 special price from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

Birthing from Within classes foster resilience, connection, and compassion in parents who are preparing to meet their baby. Our classes go beyond basic practical information about birth to help parents prepare for birth as a rite of passage – helping them face and navigate the unknown.

Expectant parents will learn that excitement, fear, confusion, and pain are all normal parts of labor. Instead of seeing these feelings as problematic, parents will understand that they are signposts that mean you’re on the right track!


Belly Casting

A beautiful keepsake to remember your pregnancy.

$120 special price when you book between Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

A Belly Cast is a lovely way to create a lasting memory of your pregnancy. After an hour of being pampered and nurtured in a relaxing atmosphere, your cast will be professionally finished for you to display for years to come. Many parents will display their belly cast in their home as a sweet reminder of the amazing changes their body went through in order to grow and nourish their child.


Birth Story Healing

Healing from an emotionally challenging birth.

$50 special price when you book between Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Experiencing unwished-for events, unexpected outcomes, or a birth that is very different from your expectations can cause an emotional wound.

Birth Story Medicine® is an opportunity to process your birth story in a whole new way, helping parents and support people feel a mental shift from a part of their story that is causing them pain, confusion, or anger.


About Me

I am a certified doula and birth educator who loves guiding parents through birth and postpartum.

Nikki Shaheed is a Certified Birthing from Within Mentor who teaches engaging and interactive childbirth classes in north central San Antonio to parents who are preparing to welcome a new baby. The focus of Nikki’s work is to bring compassion and confidence to birth and parenting.


Why Choose Birthing From Within?

Birthing from Within provides compassionate, realistic preparation for expectant parents.

Since 1999, Birthing from Within mentors and doulas worldwide have been bringing loving, open-hearted support and guidance to parents during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Guiding parents through developing a pain coping mindset and inner resilience grants them the tools to work through an unmedicated birth, induction, epidural, cesarean birth, etc. with the wisdom that they are inherently worthy of love and support.

What Parents Are Saying

“These classes have helped us feel more prepared, connected, understanding, and patient
with each other and ourselves. I feel like a warrior going into battle – ready, fierce, excited, assured.”

— Shelley

“Nikki was very knowledgeable as well as open-minded and non-judgmental. She made us feel comfortable from Day #1. I believe the classes made [my partner] more confident and reassured her that she had the tools she would need to do her best. I was hesitant and skeptical about the utility of such a class, but I am now happy about our decision to participate.”

— Shan

“These classes have helped my partner be more supportive of my VBAC and empowered him to be more ‘there’ to help and protect me. It has brought us closer together and made us more in tune with each other. Nikki, you are an amazing mentor and a great listener while being so down-to-earth and real. This has been an amazing class and has really helped me prepare for baby #2.”

— Marissa

“This class got my partner thinking about the process. The homework questions/practice sessions at home made my partner take time out of his busy schedule (and mine too). It definitely influenced my partner’s attitude for the better. This class was wonderful. I’m glad I took this class and not any other. This class definitely teaches you more than what you can learn from a book/video.”

— Sowmya

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